Textile machinery

The bearing of textile machinery is used in harsh environment, and it has the characteristics of long life, high speed, low noise, high temperature, stable operation and so on. The company developed textile machinery bearings performance is outstanding, has many domestic textile machine plant. And can be smoothly rotated at high speed, it has small amplitude, low noise, long service life, convenient maintenance etc..

Modern equipment type

1, spinning machinery

1.1, open carding equipment 

The cotton spinning equipment rolling machine basically is no longer in production, instead of blowing carding machine.

Germany Trutzschler company is recognized as the world's leading open cleaning equipment market in. The company TC 03 carding machine the highest yield is 150 ~ 200 kg/ (- H), its opening and cleaning equipment including BDT020 and automatic opener, cotton package car, and the entire cotton and chemical fiber bag feeding and opening system, to achieve the optimization of cotton placement without interruption.

1.2, combing machine

Comber speed basically in more than 400 clamp /min, up to 550 times the maximum feeding clamp /min, quantitative lap up to 90ktex. Through the further improvement of nipper structure and motion mode, reduce the vibration caused by the reciprocating motion, improve the ability of holding cotton net and carding effect, ensure the quality of combed sliver is running at high speed.

1.3, drawing

The German Tr tzschler (Te Luth Le) TD03 drawing, Italy Vork company Unimax U drawing, the speed can reach 1000m/min, in the road of USG drawingframe with Uster's self adjustment and sliver quality monitoring system.

1.4, roving machine

Bobbiner Germany Zinser's RO-WE-MAT 670 represents a new concept, but also the future development direction of roving machine.

1.5, spinning machine

Long car G30 spinningframe Rieter company in 624 more than second spindle configuration drafting gear box, the gear box is equipped with a special motor, through a dedicated motor control system with the first draft gear box variablefrequency sync.

1.6, rotor spinning machine

The new type R40 rotor spinning machine company Rieter have made it possible to produce yarns of the 100 branch of the public, speed up more than 180000r/min. Schlafhorst Germany's Autocoro 360 rotor spinning machine, the highest production number up to 100 branch, rotor speed up to 150000r/min. In addition to Czech Aili tex company BD DI, BD DIK and BD SD rotor spinning machine.

1.7, jet spinning machine

Dlyfil 1000 and type jet spinning machines produced by the company in germany. 1000 type machine is suitable for cotton fiber, is jet spinning machine double double yarn.

1.8, friction spinning machine

DREF33/96 friction spinning machine Austria Rockefeller company.

2, weaving preparation machinery

2.1, winding machine

Murata No.7 Vss Bobbin Tray No.7 Vss Bobbin Tray and a FF type automatic winder are replacing the traditional single spindle with each yarn storage form for yarn tray form, this improvement greatly reduces uncontrolled tension during winding, winding conditions improve. Oerlikon Schlafhorst Germany's Autoconer 338 is called intelligent winding device sensor control, reduce breakage and hairiness, ensure the quality of winding. The yarn guide hook type PW1 precision winder of Swiss SSM company of the servo motor driven precision winder winding bobbin bobbin is 25% higher than normal density, especially the unwinding is good, the maximum winding speed is 1200m/min, the maximum diameter of the package is 280mm. 928B type air splicer Murata high strength air splicer and Mesdaw solution spinning at the problem of low splicing strength, especially in the low yarn can more effectively play the effect of splicing.

2.2, double twister

The twister manufacturers are mainly Allma, Volk-mann and Hamel, they all belong to the Saurer group, and Ratti, Italy Guoli Japan Murata, Italy Savio, Korea and Tai Yuen, they are to create a variety of filament and staple fiber yarn twisting machine for.

3, weaving machinery

3.1, air-jet loom

Japan's Tsuda Ko ZAX series high speed jet loom, using the speed of 1000r/min frame; stability; opening and beating to re optimize the design to ensure the weft has sufficient time in small shed through the shed wefting nozzle and the valve are improved, can reduce air consumption 10%; microcomputer monitoring and controlling high automation level, and development to the Loom factory automation and CIMS. Belgian Picanol company OMNI loom box is 190cm, the speed of 1500r/min, with jacquard speed up to 750r/min. Equipped with QSC rapid variety replacement system,

3.2, water jet loom

The Japanese company's ZW405 type water jet loom, box width of 140cm, speed up to 2000r/min, human weft rate of 2800m/min.

3.3, rapier loom

At present, the main international famous rapier loom manufacturers are: Italy ITEMA (IDA) group Somet (Shu Meite), Vanatex (Fan Meite) and Sultex Textil (Suhl textile company, Italy Shou) Smit (Smit), Italy Panter (Bentley company), Picanol (Belgium Picanol) company, and the German Dornier (Dornier company). They operate at a speed of more than 600 r/min, and the weft insertion rate is more than 1000 m/min.

3.4, gripperloom

Plean gripperloom Switzerland Suhl Shou - Rooty new company, no new breakthroughs in technology. A weaving can be simultaneously in a loom, 33cm to the width of different combinations of 540cm.

Two, textile machinery direction

1, energy saving and environmental protection in recent years, the State Environmental Protection of textile enterprises increasingly stringent requirements, not only introduced a number of environmental policy is to increase the elimination of backward production capacity, energy saving and environmental protection "has become the current textile enterprises are most concerned about vocabulary. In addition to being able to produce products suitable for market demand, to embark on a path of sustainable development of green is the real goal of the enterprise.

2, strengthen cooperation with the textile enterprises "survival of the fittest" trend, the domestic textile enterprises have to face a large number of domestic enterprises homogenization of products, price competition, and faced with the United States and Europe competition for high-end products, therefore, to strengthen cooperation with domestic and foreign enterprises, universities cooperation through various forms, further enhance their competition strength.

3, research and innovation with the increase of the demand for high-end products in the domestic market, the enterprise must through continuous research and innovation to enhance the core competitiveness of products at the same time, to continue to develop the enterprise, "import substitution products" is the ultimate goal.

4, textile machinery exhibition event is a barometer of the development of the industry. From this year's exhibition can be seen in the following trends: the development of digital equipment to the intelligent; automation from stand-alone to system development; energy saving and environmental protection to the efficient development of enterprises from manufacturing to service-oriented manufacturing development.

5, the machine substitutions in recent years, domestic textile enterprises are facing labor costs and improve the "labor shortage" problem, at the same time, enterprises of equipment production process precise control requirements are also increasing, to solve problems and meet the challenges, to accelerate the process of enterprise machine substitutions is the only way out.

customer demand

No matter whether it is spinning or weaving, finishing or spinning, both cotton or chemical fiber... The requirements of modern textile machinery are highly structured equipment, working at a high rate clock. Only use the appropriate bearing parts, to ensure that you in the production of competitive advantage. "Fit" in this particular case means that, regardless of being affected by the fiber contamination or the impact of the corrosion, bearing components can be applied to high speed, high load, high reliability and long service life of the occasion. If you are the same as the requirements of equipment manufacturing, we have the same design and development concept. With many years of successful experience in the textile machinery industry, making KMR become the leading development partner in the field.


Use the Camry company developed textile machinery bearings can bring to the textile equipment:

Easy to install, reduce noise      Low vibration, low pollution

No grease leakage                    Longer working life

Lower energy consumption      Easy to clean

Light weight

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