Industrial fan

 Bearings in industrial fans operate at high speeds and relatively light radial loads. These bearings may also operate at extremely high temperatures or low temperatures, or in areas where it is difficult to maintain. Air flow is often used to transport materials. As time goes by, the material will stick to the impeller, resulting in an imbalance, and even reduce the normal operation time and service life of the fan.

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Operational life challenges

The bearings in industrial fans are usually run at a high speed and the radial load is relatively light. The operation of the environment can not be protected, the temperature is particularly low. The use of fans to the flow of air to the material, the material will be accumulated on the impeller, resulting in uneven operation. This will affect the operation time and operation life of the fan. The difficulty of the operation is usually a high requirement for the bearing processing plan of industrial fans.

SENTONG bearings can help

Sentong bearing for high quality fan, motor and control system manufacturer with seal and hybrid ceramic bearing lubricant prolongs the service life of the fan drive, in order to enhance the additional value to customers; provide insulation bearing solve stray current introduced by frequency converter as the main bearing manufacturer of heavy carton board, to improve the reliability of large gas recirculation fan and reduce maintenance and repair costs. 

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