Mining machinery

Mining conditions and market conditions. Heavy load. Debris and dirt. Extreme temperature and other extreme conditions. These conditions make the plant and cement plant is very difficult in the maintenance of machine running, even dangerous. The risk of injury and accidental shutdown.

customer demand

According to the characteristics of mining industry, large-scale equipment working around the clock, huge load 100 tons of hundreds, and to drill into the blocking filter of each shaft, gear and bearing the rough dirt, dust and gravel, need powerful mining equipment can not be eliminated. Only by selecting the correct KMR bearings, proper maintenance, mining operators to ensure high productivity, so that the equipment to achieve the desired service life.

SENTONG bearings can help

Anti Sentong bearing clastic bearing production can resist harmful pollutants; ultra clean gas molten steel has excellent performance in harsh application environment; product specific surface finishing can prevent the wear damage.

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