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Understand the Sentong bearing motor industry to study the low noise, quiet operation, long service life, high quality, energy saving, space saving and low friction bearing requirements, has accumulated rich professional experience and applied to product development, committed to product exquisite, excellent performance

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Motor used in all industries as a power source. Shandong bes bearings are widely used in bearing rotating part of the motor, the support of smooth and quiet rotation at the same time, can also play a major role in motor under load.

In the development of electric power, in order to meet the more stringent environmental protection from to low energy loss and achieve the demand to realize the high reliability long life, KMR has introduced a high bearing application core technology that Shandong bes bearing tribological technology. Low energy loss technology and long life technology, can contribute to the protection of the earth's environment, we will also master these technologies as the future of KMR's most important mission, continue to promote related work.

SENTONG bearings can help

High purity material bearing with exceptional strength and durability; unique heat treatment process to better control the bearing hardness, toughness and dimensional stability; optimization of rolling load distribution and reduce the vibration level; we optimize the internal geometric structure, reduce friction, wear and heat generation, while the bearing large axial and radial load.

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