Automotive field

Driven by the growing awareness of environmental protection and increasingly stringent emission regulations, the automotive industry is undergoing an unprecedented period of change. Computer technology has been used in the control and monitoring of many vehicle systems. Professional automotive special new materials, such as light alloy, has been gradually used in the production of mainstream cars, and the new technology also makes it possible to further reduce emissions.

High standard of accuracy

Transmission of cylindrical roller bearings from the cage with cylindrical roller bearings have been to full roller cylindrical roller bearings transition. The utility model has the advantages of small size and large bearing capacity, and the difficulty is that the bearing rotation accuracy is high, the bearing life is long, the manufacturing precision is high, and the requirement of the cleanliness of the gearbox and the bearing is strict, and the lubrication condition is better.

SENTONG bearings can provide longer life, higher precision products

1, the product uses pure bearing steel material to produce;

2. Optimize the contact surface design of raceway and rolling body;

3, the surface roughness of the rolling surface of the implementation of high standards.

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