Wind power industry

Implementation of higher reliability

Because of the complexity of the operation of the wind turbine, the maintenance cost of the host is high, and the reliability of its operation, that is, the service life of the wind turbine, has been an important problem for the host manufacturers. The challenge for fans is:

1, and fan operation and maintenance costs

2, and bearing distribution of high performance problems, and its reliable impact on equipment

3, with the fan unit size and output power continues to increase, the system must have the capacity to bear greater load than ever before

4, with the fan unit into the megawatt class, must reduce the weight of the fuselage.

5, the supply chain is limited, affecting the supply of bearings.

SENTONG bearings can help

Our products are designed to improve reliability and improve performance, they help customers to extend the normal operation time, improve productivity, reduce the total cost. In order to optimize the performance of the system, we focus on the entire fan system, not only the main face of the gear box; high power density KMR bearings can help customers reduce the cost of investment in wind turbines. We have launched a life cycle solution to meet the needs of customers in the bearing life (or even longer). 

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